Embano's 4-Step Amazon Listing Optimization Process.

We provide Advice and Implementation from a Single Source. Understandable and clear.


Development of new Texts & Keyword Sets for your Amazon Listings.


Textual Revision and Optimization of existing Amazon Listings.

Advisory &

Transparent. Reproducible. Measurable.

Embano’s 4-Step Optimization Process is based on Industry best Practices and the Specifications made by the Amazon Plattform:

1. Situation Analysis

Based on your input, we assess the status, discuss brand positioning and the competitive environment. We then set the goals together.

2. Keyword Analysis

This is followed by identification und prioritization of the most relevant keywords for your market niche or your main keyword.

3. Copywriting

As a third step, the keyword-optimized texts are written. These are „Term of Service“ (TOS) compliant with the conditions specified by Amazon.

4. Monitoring

After storing all texts and keywords in the system, the results should be monitored. Further optimizations may be advisable after a few weeks.

Potential Project Outcomes:


Qualitative Improvement and Broadening of the Keyword Sets.


Increased Search Volume with more relevant Traffic.


Improved Conversion Rates due to increased Relevance.


More Sales and Revenue through organic search queries.


Increase in Revenue Share from organic Searches vs. paid Searches.


Opportunity to reduce Ad Spent and improve Profitability.


Frequent Effect: Tracking down previously unimagined uses of Products.


Frequent Effect: Automatic Classification into more relevant Product Categories.

In addition to the textual Optimization of your Amazon Listings, we consult you in the following areas on request:

Product Research for Amazon FBA

We will find your next TOPSELLER.

Brand Positioning

Build your Brands and Products right from the Start.

Competitor Analysis

Prepare your market entry at Amazon in Germany based on data.