About Us

About Embano from Bremen.
That's our story (so far...)

Hi, I am Oskar.
Founder of Embano.

My Passion & Competence within Embano

I like Commerce. Especially Ecommerce. I am really good at that. And Writing, that’s easy for me.

I have 15 years of professional Experience. Aquired in various Specialist and Managerial Positions. In several Companies. With TOP employers in the FMCG industry.


Dr. Oetker

Kraft Foods

Mondelez International

Jacobs Douwe Egberts

In Marketing. In Sales. In IT. In E-Commerce.

My areas of responsibility were diverse. National. European. Global.

I have successfully built a coffee startup. And managed Amazon as a customer.

Then I became an AMZ Hacker.
Joining a network with hundreds of like-minded people. Nothing slips through my fingers. In the field of Amazon SEO.

I now use this knowledge.
For our customers.
Are you in?